Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dancing with the STAARS

If you are a member of the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors (SAAR) then you may have heard of STAAR Night. This is a stage production that is put on by real estate professionals with talents in the performing arts to benefit the Hutch Fund.

So what's the Hutch Fund? This is a charity set up through SAAR that benefits real estate professionals in crisis. You can learn more about the Hutch Fund by going to my website, and clicking on the sidebar "STAAR Night." why am I blogging about this? First of all, the Hutch Fund is an amazing charity that I fully support. And it just so happens, I have a background in a particular performing More specifically, choreography. It was my major in college, my professional aspiration prior to discovering real estate, and remains my passion. So who knew I might get a chance to use this talent in my current career with a title company? Not me!

Last year was STAAR Night's debut. I was interested but had no idea what to expect. So instead of auditioning, I sat in the audience. What I saw blew me away, and I said to myself, "I've GOT to be a part of this next year."

And so I am! Originally, I just intended to perform in the production. But as luck would have it, last year's choreographer couldn't be involved this year. So I submitted an audition tape of some of my choreography, and here I am! And I have to say, this has been an amazing experience.

Tickets are on can reach the link through my website or you can go to and link into ticket sales that way. I encourage you to join us for a wonderful and entertaining event on May 1st at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. If you decide to attend, please send me an email at and let me know! I'll look for you there!

Until next time...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Best Little Title Company in Arizona

That's right! Arizona Business Journal's Ranking Arizona has ranked North American Title Company number 1! What does this mean for you? This means that when you write North American Title Company on Line 91, you know that you are putting your transaction, your clients, and your paycheck in good hands.

Thank you for voting North American Title your title company of choice.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Boulders Sunset Tour

Tours is one of the services that I provide to agents that has proved to be very valuable. Tonight's tour is at the Boulder's, which is a community you hardly ever have the chance to tour, so I hope to see you there!

My previous tours have been at McDowell Mountain Ranch, Troon North, Lone Mountain Vistas, Cresta Norte, and Camelback Corridor to name a few. These tours have been great for the listing agents that particpated. I've had many tell me that the tours led to showings. That's a great thing! And on the Troon North Tour that I had a couple of weeks ago, I had an agent get a full price offer on his $2.5 million listing within a few days of having it on tour with me! (The two had nothing to do with each other, but all the same...)

For the agents that come through the tour, they have had great benefit in learning inventory while having a great time in the process.

So if you are a listing agent with a particular need, feel free to contact me to see if we can put together a tour for the community that your listing is in. It doesn't always work, but I will look at the possibility. I have certain criteria that the community and listing must meet before I will consider the tour. Call me at 602-294-2904 if you feel that this might be a tool that is of benefit to you.

After tonight's tour at the Boulders, my next upcoming tour will be at Desert Highlands on March 21st. Look for more information to come!

Until Next Time...

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Inaugural Blog

So I decided to do it. Blogging...who knew? I've stayed away from it as long as possible (and, if I'm going to be honest, because my company had all blogs blocked from viewing!) But about a week ago I told myself, "if I see one more article on blogging...I'll begin to think there's something to it!" And alas, about 20 minutes ago, Rismedia sent out an email guessed it...blogging in real estate.

I had heard horror stories regarding how long it takes to set up a blog. So instead of overthinking it, I took the Nike approach (Just Do It). And like I said, 20 minutes later, I'm typing this out. How about that?

I'd like to take this first blog to let you know what I intend to blog about. I'm a Marketing Rep for North American Title Company (we prefer the term Business Development Manager, but it's all the same). I specialize in the Northeast Valley in Arizona (Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek, NE Phoenix). And it's my intention to blog about issues as they arise in my arena of the local real estate industry.

Some of my blogs will address technical issues, some will address marketing issues, and some will address the real estate market in general. I will highlight community events, ideas on how they can be used in marketing yourself, and more. (in other words, whatever comes to mind at the time that I'm typing away)

My intended audience is as follows: Real Estate Agents, as well as investors, in the Northeast Valley here in Arizona. If you are reading this blog, and you don't fit that description, then you are forbidden and must vacate the premises immediately. JUST KIDDING!!! Of course you're welcome to play along!

And at any time, please feel free to visit my website at There you will find information such as:

  • Title and Escrow - what is it, how does it work, and why do you need it.
  • Schedule of events - Classes, tours, clinics, seminars, etc.
  • Meet my staff - Get to know the escrow professionals that will be taking care of your transactions when you write North American Title on Line 91 of your next contract.
  • Important links - Valley information, Building projects, County and governement websites, etc.
  • Community Updates - What is going on in the NE Valley, and how can you use that information to grow your business.
  • And more!

Until next time....